Water No Get Enemy


Water No Get Enemy

You fit imagine how our life go be if water no dey. How we go fit bath, Wash cloth, even cook food. To talk true, we no go even fit live, na die be that. Among all the thins wey dey for this earth, water dey among the most important thin. Doctor people don talk say e go make we dey drink water well well, In fact, some doctor say make we dey drink up 16 cup every day. Dem talk say, he good make we dey drink water wen we wake up for morning. This na the many fact about water:

Water Dey Give Energy

Wen you feel say you no get power, e fit be sign say you suppose drink water. Because if you no drink enough water, you fit dey weak. Water go also help your heart dey pump blood well well.

If You Wan Reduce Weight

Doctor people done talk say water they help us reduce weight. Wen we drink water well well, our bele for fill up. E go reduce food we go chop. Instead to they drink soft drink, you fit drink water.

Our Body

Scientist people talk say about 60 percent of our body na water. Just reason nam say most of your own body na water. That one show say water dey very important. If we dey drink enough water, we no go dey sicki sicki. Our body go fit digest food well.

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Our Muscle

Wen we work or do exercise, our muscle dey lose water. If we dey drink water well well, our muscle go strong kakaraka.

Our Kidney

Kidney dey clean our body from waste and e dey send our urine to our bladder. Water dey help our urine flow well well and make e no dey smell. Our kidney need water for am to work well. ┬аPerson wey no dey drink water well fit get sickness wey dem dey call kidney stone.

Our skin

Water dey reduce wrinkle and pimple from our body.

To dey focus

Water fit help you to dey focus for wetin you dey do. Wether na for work or na for school.

As you done read now why e good to drink water well well, try make you carry water with you wen you wan do exercise.

Try to dey eat plenty vegetable like tomatoe, onion, leaf, carrot because them get many water inside dem. Make you also try to dey keep water with you wen you dey work. As you read this article finish. I beg, you fit carry one cup of water make you drink?

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