Why E Good To Dey Sleep Well


You fit dey think say why e good to dey sleep well? First, wetin be sleep? Sleep na when our eyes dey close, when all our muscle dey relax, when we no dey know wetin dey happen around us. Sleep no be small thing for our life o. If person no sleep well, e no go hard you to know. E go show for the person face. Person wey no sleep well fit dey quick dey vex. But when we sleep well, e go show for our face too.

But the better difference be say our face go look well. We go get energy to work well well, we go fit remember things quick quick. If person dey sleep well, e go help im heart dey work well well, person wey dey sleep well no go dey big anyhow and that kin person go fit live long. Doctor people don talk say sleep good for our body. This na among the reason why e good make we dey sleep well.

1. Sleep dey reduce stress and people wey dey sleep well well dey always dey happy. Their face dey always dey bright.
2. Sleep dey help us dey remember things quick quick. When we sleep well well, our brain go fit keep things wey we don learn. E good make student dey sleep well well. E go help dem remember wetin dem don learn for class. When exam come so, dem go fit pass am well well.
3. Sleep dey very important for our life. When we dey always sleep well, we go fit live long. Why? Because person wey dey sleep well no go dey sicki sicki, im body go strong kakaraka.
4. Sleep dey help us to dey focus. Whether na for school or na for work, our mind go dey sharp well well.
5. Better sleep dey save life. Person wey dey drive suppose dey sleep well. Imagine say a driver no sleep well and e dey drive, e fit sleep for motor and before im go know, accident fit happen and him other people fit die.
E good make you make sure say you dey sleep well well. If you dey get problem to dey sleep, make sure say you no dey drink coffee or tea close to when you want sleep. E also dey good to dey sleep for room wey dey dark and where noise no dey dey.

When you want sleep, try make you no dey think about your problem or about work. E go help you to quick sleep and you go fit sleep well. E also good make you no dey drink ogogoro before you sleep. E also good make you go see doctor if you get sleep problem.
Many people dey wonder how many hours we suppose dey sleep every night. Well, all of us no be the same at all. Doctor people don talk say most people need to sleep for 8 or 9 hours every day. Small small pikin dem need to even sleep more. So if you get pikin for house, try make you let dem go sleep on time. No be say make dem dey watch television when dem suppose dey for bed. E good make dem dey sleep well well
Copyright: E. M. Adiatu

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