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After many year wey you don work, wake up for early morning go work come back home weak, e good mek you retire. For some pipul, na many hour for traffic. If you sit down calculate how may hour some pipul dey spend for third mainland bridge for Lagos because of traffic, you go know say Life no easy.

Mek we do small mathematics. Some people dey spend up to four hour for traffic for one day. By the time dem go retire, dem go don spend like four years of their life for traffic. Come reason say we wan calculate how many year dem go done spend for work. That one no be moi moi o.
Wen time reach to retire, e suppose to be time for enjoiment. Wen you go fit sleep well and chop better food. No oga wey go dey control your life again. Na to dey collect money every month. But for some people wey don retire, dem dey feel like say their life don dey end small small. But them no suppose to dey reason like that. Retirement time suppose be good time for you. The truth be say, you fit enjoy your retirement. This article go fit help you enjoy am well well.
Retirement Party: As you retire finish, e good mek you call your friend, your work mate, and your family people mek dem come joli with you. The party no need to dey big, wey you go kill cow, wey people go chop like say tomorrow no dey. Simple party done do. That one na to thank God for your life.
Sit Down Mek You Enjoy Life: If you get beta money from your retirement, you no suppose do any work again. Retirement time no be when you suppose dey save money. Spend the money wey you get before you go. If na chicken dey hungry you, I beg chop am. Some time, e go mek you dey go better restaurant with your family mek you gbadun your life with dem.
Take Care of Your Body: Once you don retire, you know say you no be small pikin again. E good mek you take care of your body. Dey go see doctor well well. That one go help your bodi strong kakaraka.
Party: Na retirement time you go get time to go wedding and other better party well well.

When you still dey work, many people go done call you for party but you no get time to go. Dis time, e good mek you dey go. But e no mean say na every party person suppose to dey go. Select the beta one wey you fit go.
Help Your Pikin Them: If you get children, retirement time go give you better time to care for them well well. Even though dem go don dey on their own. In fact, dem go done marry, even get their own pikin. Try to go dey see them, dey advice them. Spend time with your grand pikin dem, e good mek you dey close to them. E dey important make┬а you no forget your wife or husband. Find time for am.
Travel: He good to travel around to place where you no get time to go before. If you get money self, you fit travel go other country dem. Dat one go mek you happy.
Help other Pipul: Retire time na good time to help pipul. Be like papa and mama for dem.
If you don retire or you go soon retire. I congratulate you. I beg enjoi your life.

Copyright: E.M. Adiatu

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