Nigerian Pidgin


Among all the country wey dey for the continent of Africa, na Nigeria be the country wey people plenty pass. Na about 180 million people dey live for Nigeria. No be one language all this 180 million people dey speak o and no be one way of life all of them get. Nigerian people get different different language wey we dey speak. Among dis language na Igbo, Yoruba, Efik, Hausa, Gun, Edo, Esan, Isoko and many many other one like that.

English na the official language wey we dey use for Nigeria. That one mean say na English we dey use for school and for business. Remember say for school, our teacher dey tell us say na only English we suppose dey talk because na im be the only language wey dem accept for school. Na im make many poeple for Nigeria sabi speak English well well. Some people for Nigeria even sabi speak am pass oyinbo people wey get the language self.

But because English na our official language no mean say we suppose forget our own language. Some people for Nigeria don forget their own language like Yoruba, Igbo, Efik and other one like that. Some papa and mama dem no dey speak their language with their children. Na so so English dem dey speak to dem. Them believe say if dem they speak Yoruba or Efik with dem, dem no go sabi English well well. That one na big lie. Doctor people don talk say children fit learn many language and e no go affect dem at all. E good make we respect our language, make we dey speak am well well. Some people sabi speak ten language. That one mean say we fit dey speak English and our own language together.

If you be papa or mama. I beg you, teach your pikin dem your own language. The fact say dem dey speak your language no mean say dem no go fit speak English well. E good make wey sabi speak plenty language.

But among this language wey we dey speak for Nigeria, e get one language wey really bring all of us together. The language bring us together pass English self, that language na Nigerian pidgin. Just imagine say you dey for one big market for Lagos. Many people like Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Urhobo and others like that dey buy and sell market.

The truth be say no be all of them go sabi English. Which language you think say dem go use? Na pidgin dem go use.

Make we talk true. Pidgin na the language wey bring all of us together. Whether we go school or we no go. Na almost all of us sabi pidgin. Pidgin na we language, e dey flow well well for our mouth. In fact, when people dey speak English with their friend and them no know the grammar wey dem go use, them go turn to pidgin sharp sharp.

Just like other language like Yoruba, Igbo, Efik and other one for Nigeria dey face problem, na so pidgin dey face problem too. Some people think say Pidgin na for people wey no go school. Dem think say any body wey go school no suppose dey speak Pidgin at all. Na only English dem suppose to dey speak. That kind thinking no correct at all, language na language. No language dey for people wey no go school. E good make you dey speak Nigerian pidgin. Make you speak am and read am well well.

This blog na to encourage every Nigerian person wey dey home and abroad to take Nigerian pidgin serious. Na we language. I beg speak pidgin make I hear you.

Copyright: E.M. Adiatu

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