Nigerian Pidgin Proverbs


1. Person wey dey cry for sun dey cry for heat. Person wey dey cry for rain dey cry for potopoto
2. When small pikin don get money and e no know wetin e go carry im money do, e go go buy toy gun
3. When small pikin wan waste money, e go go buy fairly use bicycle
4. Person wey buy motor buy old model

5. No dey hate your enemy, if you hate am, na your person you dey hate.
6. Behavior na like smoke, you no fit cover am
7. No matter how person sabi piss, the last one go still drop for im leg
8. If you sabi talk, you go fit sing. If you sabi waka, you go fit dance
9. No matter how person eye red reach, e no fit light stove
10. E remain small no dey kill bird for tree

11. I get money before na story
12. Na small small chick dey become chicken
13. Na small pikin dey answer Johnson. When e grow finish, e go dey answer John
14. Pikin wey dem carry for back no dey sabi say back dey pay im mama
15. Pikin wey say im mama no go sleep, im self no go see sleep
16. I get am before no be property
17. No matter how okra tree tall rich, e no go tall pass im owner.
18. Dem dey find animal wey get horn, snail dey show imself
19. I beg, leave matter for Mathias
20. The difference between Ipekere and plantain chips na packaging

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