Nigerian Pidgin poems

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Nigerian Pidgin Poems

Black and white

Na black and white we be

I be coffee na you be the tea

Dem talk say we no be the same

but the truth be say our hearts na same.

We fit be be black and white

But na same we be

Yes, the same mind, the same heart,

Na love bring us together

Na the same God make us

Na the same the blood we get.


As Kano dey far to Lagos,

Na so your place far from me.

But our hearts glue together

Me and you gel together

Even if people dey laugh us,

I no go send them

Because na you I want.
Na black and white we be.

Na me be the coffee

na you be the milk.

We go dey together under one roof

Border no fit separate us

I beg you, if bad belle people wan spoil your mind

Na deaf make you be. Na me make you dey love.

I no go fall your hand.


Love No Dey Fail

Na love I follow come

I no say e no go fail me

Na one mind I get.

Na you I know.

I carry my heart give you

but for your own heart,

Na payan e dey.
E far from me no be small

My friends tell me say I be mumu
My mama tell me say I no get sense
But na love I carry come
Na one mind I get
Even as you leave me,

Love no go leave me
People dey fail but love no dey fail


Mind your own
I beg mind your own
Na my lane I dey
No put mouth for my matter
My wahala no be you matter
Even if I poor, e no matter

Leave me make I live my own life
No be the day fem born us
I beg park well, dey your own lane
make I dey my own lane

Mind your own, make I make my own.

Copyright: E.M. Adiatu


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