How You Fit Protect Yourself From Nail Fungi


Among the part wey dey our body, our nail dey among the one wey we no dey give attention. Most of us dey focus on our face and weight. Many people they care well for organs wey dey inside their body like kidney and their heart. But the truth be say our nail too dey very important, we suppose to care for our nail well. Among the common problem wey people dey get for their leg and nail na wetin dem dey call nail fungi. E dey affect many people. Doctor people dey call am Onychomycosis? How you fit know say you get nail fungi?

People wey get nail fungi go notice say them go dey see yellow spot under their nail. After some time, their nail color go dey change and before them go know, other nail too go dey face the same problem. The problem dey common among people wey done reach 60 years.

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Wetin dey cause nail fungi? If we dey put our hand or leg for water all the time, we fit get am. But for some people, e dey hard for dem make their hand or leg no dey dey for water because of the kin work wey dem dey do. For this kin people, e good make dem dey use hand glove. That one go save their hand from water and dem no go fit get nail fungi

As I talk before, age dey important for nail fungi matter. Anybody wey don reach 60 years fit expect say im fit get nail fungi because for that age, there blood no dey fit circulate well like when dem dey young. Because of this, there nail no go fit fight fungi well.

Another fact be say, nail fungi dey affect men than women. The reason for that one, doctor people never really know and some doctor get their own idea about the problem. Another reason wey person fit get nail fungi na heredity. That one means say if someone from your family like your mama or papa don get nail fungi before, e dey possible make you get am too. That one na warning for you say if anybody for your family don get am before, you need to dey ready, you self fit get am.

Most people wey dey live for hot climate like Nigeria dey get nail fungi pass people wey dey live for area wey cold like Europe.

Doctor people also talk say people wey dey sweat well well fit get nail fungi pass people wey no dey sweat much.

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One question wey we fit ask na wetin be the effect of nail fungi? The first one na discomfort. When the nail fungi reach one stage, the place go dey pain person. Also all of want make our nail dey fine, but when we see say our hand dey anyhow, we no dey dey happy at all. For women, them no dey like am at all. To talk true, nail fungi no good for body.

How You Fit Know Say You Get Fungus?

Your skin fit dey break, later, e go dey pain you. You feet or hand fit dey smell. Your nail color fit dey change.

How You Fit Prevent am

E get many ways wey you fit prevent nail fungi. Here na some one the ways wey you fit prevent am:

  1. E good make you dey wear shoe wey go allow air to dey enter your leg. Leather shoe na the best.
  2. Try make you dey wear slipper or shoes. No dey waka without wearing anything for your leg. Try make you no dey put leg for water wey dirty.
  3. Try make you dey wear sock wey dem use cotton make.
  4. E good make you dey clean. When you come from work, try make you clean your hand and your leg with better soap and water.
  5. E good make you dey always check your leg and your nail. If you suspect say you get nail fungi, no just leave am, do something sharp sharp.

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E get many ways wey you fit treat nail fungi. Some cream dey work well well but the best thing na to go see doctor make dem treat you well.

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