Inspirational quotes in Nigerian Pidgin


“Change no go come if we dey wait for another person or for another time. Na we be the change. Na we fit change things.” – Barack Obama


“We dey spend most of our time dey care for people wey no care for us” – E. M. Adiatu

“If you believe say you fit do something, then you don almost make am be that.”

Theodore Roosevelt


“No be the years wey you spend for this life matter, na how you spend your life” – Abraham Lincoln


“No dey push things forward, I go do am next week, next months, next year. Na now you go fit do am.”  – Celestine Chua


“No dey think say this world owe you anything. This world no owe you anything at all. The world don dey before dem born you.” -Mark Twain


“Life na gift. No dey forget to enjoy am and like every day of your life.”  – Celestine Chua


“My life na my message.” – Gandhi


“No allow your past take your future commot for your hand.” – Cherralea Morgen


“E get reason why God create us for this earth. No dey think too much about your past. Plan your future well.” – Robin Sharma


“Yesterday na history, no body know tomorrow. But today na gift.” – B. Olatunji


“We no fit live life for reverse. Dey look straight, na there your future dey.” – Ann Landers


“Na soso tomorrow we dey think about but nobody know tomorrow. He go better make we focus on today!” – Ivana Trump


“Na everybody they face one problem or another. The better thing na to tackle your problem and learn from them.” – Celestine Chua


“E never late to be who you want be.” – George Eliot


“Do wetin you like, then money go come.” – Marsha Sinetar


“All our dream fit happen if we get better courage to make them happen.” – Walt Disney


“Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.” – Belva Davis


“This world go clear road for you if you know where you dey go.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


“No dey make small small plan. Dem no fit help you.” – Niccolo Machiavelli


“Na your dream you suppose dey run after, no be problem.” – Unknown


“Old age no mean say person no fit get goal.” – Les Brown


“This life na like football, you fit score unless you know where goalpost dey.” – Arnold H. Glasgow


“The important thing for goal na to get one.” – Geoffry F. Abert


“The reason wey we no dey get wetin we want for life na because we dey think say we no go fit get am.” -Tony Robbins


“Person wey no get plan be like footballer wey dey run up and down for field and e no score any goal.” – Bill Copeland


“You need drawing if you want build house. But for you to build your life, no need goal and you need to plan your life well well.” – Zig Ziglar


“Goal na dream wey get deadline.” -Napolean Hill


“No secret for success at all. Na preparation, hard work and make person dey learn from him mistake dey give success.”- Colin Powell
“No marry person wey no get plan for you because love na give and take.” E. M. Adiatu

“Person wey fine dey always see beauty for other people face.” -Omar Suleiman
Former Vice President Of Egypt

“Tree wey no quick grow na im dey grow better fruit.”-Moliere French Playwright, Actor

“Soap na for body, Laughter na for mind.” -Yiddish Proverb

“The earth dey sing better song. Na only person wey want listen go fit hear am.”-George Santayana
“Joy na your own decision. Na you go determine how you want live your life.” -Wess Stafford

“I no go fail if I determine well well say I go succeed.” -Og Mandino

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