How to Survive Economic Crisis

How to Survive Economic Crisis
Many countries are going through economic recession. With the fall in oil price, many nations are earning less than what they are earning and for sure will affect their expenses. Some countries had already devalued their currency. The simple truth is that it’s not easy to live in a country with economic crisis. 

What you buy yesterday make be double tomorrow due to disvalue currency and inflation. During economic crisis, food will become expensive, many will lost their job. Sometimes, they may be serious unrest in some countries which always come with looting and sometimes, even loss of lives and property.

When such problems occur, the rich pays very little for it. Who pay the big price? It is the poor one.
The simple truth is that you can’t control your government policies but you can certainly control what you do, how you spend your money. Here are few things you can do to survive during economic crisis. Once again, how can you survive economic crisis?
Pay off All Your Debt: Do you own someone some money or you need to pay some outstanding bills, the first thing to do is to pay them. If you are owing some money in dollars. They best thing is to pay off those debt before your currency gets devalued.
Surrender Your Fixed Deposit Account: Do you have a fixed deposit in your local currency, the best things to do is to terminate it, collects all your money and change the money into a more stable currency like Us dollar, Pound, or Euro.
Change Your Kids School: In some countries, many parents enroll their kids in private school which are very expensive. Some private schools are affordable while some are only for the rich. During economic crisis. Please do not be ashamed to exchange your children to cheaper schools yet a school
Prepare Your Food: One of the best ways to save money is to prepare your own food. It’s cheaper and healthier than buying food at restaurants.  
Work Online: During economic crisis, it’s possible for you to lose your job. When that happens, try to get a job online. Often time, employer pays better and you can get foreign change from that.
Drink Water: Most of us spend lots of buying buying wines, soda, juice and beer.
During economic crisis or when you are broke, its best to stop buying those drinks or you reduce buying them. The best drink to turn to is water. It’s cheaper and heathier than beer and other drink. Try this and you will be surprise how much money you will save for yourself.
Buy Fairly Used Cloths: Instead of always buying new cloths. You can buy used cloth. They are always affordable and you can save lots of money for yourself and your family by buying them. Some people felt its look odd buying fairly used cloth. The truth is that no one will know if your cloth is new or used except you let the know.
Sell what You Don’t Need: It’s wise to check your house and see things that are of value that you don’t use that your can sell of and save some money for yourself. Do you have two fridges, while not sell one and keep one. What if you have two televisions, you can sell one. In some countries, It is not unusual for people to have up to four cars in their garage. While keep four cares at home. All you need is one. You can sell off the rest and have enough money to survive economic crisis.
Think Before You Buy: Often times, we focus on what we want, not what we need. If you live in a country where there is economic crisis or you just lost your job, the best thing is to buy only the few things you really need. Our goal should be to focus on three import needs in our life. Food, clothing and shelter. That is the most important thing. All other things are secondary.
Impress no One: We live in a society where people love to show off. People buy things they don’t need just to prove they are humans to their work mates, friends and family. But in reality, we don’t need to prove to people we are rich. We don’t need to impress any one. If you can live your own life and only buy the few things you need, you will have enough money to do other things.
Change Where You Live: If you live in a region for the rich where living condition is very expensive and you have to pay huge amount of money for your accommodation.
It’s better to move to a cheaper region where you can afford the living expenses.
Create Time For Your Family:
It’s not easy coping with economic crisis or a lost of job. Often time, most people tends to spend more time looking for more money. They spend more time at word and as a result have little or no time for their family.
The truth is that you can survive an economic crisis if you learn to live a simple life.
How to You Fit Survive Economic Crisis
Things no easy for many country now o, economy no dey smile at all. Oil price down fall down yàkàtà. The money wey dey enter many country done drop no be small. Because of that, dem no dey spend money like before. In fact, some country done devalue their money. The true yarn be sey, e no easy to live for country wey dey face economic crisis.
Wetin you buy yesterday fit double tomorrow because of money wey done devalue or because of inflation. During economic crisis, lems go cost like elephant horn. Many people go lose their job. For some country, serious gbege fit happen wey people go dey fight each other. Some people fit die put or make dem lose their property.
When such wahala happen, e no dey affect the rich much. Na who e dey affect pass? Na the poor people. Na poor man dey suffer am.
The fact be sey you no fit control our your government dey spend the country money or control the decision wey dem dey make but you fit control wetin you dey do and how much money you dey spend. The question now be sey, how you fit survive economic crisis?
Pay All Your Gbese: If you dey owe any gbese. E go better make you pay am sharp sharp. If the gbese na for America dollars, you suppose pay the money before your currency devalue and e go come dey hard for you to pay back.
Surrender Your Fixed Deposit Account: If you get fixed deposit account for your local currency, the best thing wey you fit do na to go commot all your money. Try make you change the money to America dollar, Pound or Euro. Those currency no dey fall anyhow. Dem dey always stand like Zuma rock.
Change Your Pikin School: For some country, many parent put their pikin for private school and those school money no be here o. Na only person wey done chop belly full fit send pikin go dat kin school. If economic crisis happen or you lose your job, they best thing to do na to change your pikin school to the one wey good and wey dey cheap. The problem wey many papa and mama dem dey get be say dem dey think sey na shame for them to change their pikin school. But make I ask you, who go pay your pikin school money? Na those people go pay am? I beg, no dey look Uche face. Make better decision wey no go put you for wahala.
Make Your Own Food: One of the best way wey you fit save money na to dey cook your own food. Forget all this big big restaurant wey dem go give you pishini food collect big money for hand. I beg, enter your kitchen make you arrange your own lems.  
Work Online: When economy dey hard. E good if you go fit find job for internet. You fit dey reason say which kin one be that? The truth be say, if you work inside internet, you go fit collect money for dollars. If you con change that money for your currency. That one go be big money.
Drink Water: Most of us dey spend money dey buy soft drinks, wine, juice, beer and ogogoro. During economic crisis or when you dey broke, e go good make you no dey buy those things or make you reduce how you dey buy dem. E dey cheap and e good for your body if you dey drink water. I beg try to dey drink only water and you go surprise how much money you go save for yourself.
Buy Bend down Select (Okrika): Instead of make you dey buy new cloth for boutique, you fit buy okrika. Okrika dey very cheap and you fit save money from am.  Some dey think sey na shame make dem dey buy okrika. The truth be say no bodi go know sey na okrika you buy.
Sell Wetin You No Need: E go good make you check your house make you see if anything dey wey you no need. May be you get two fridge? You fit sell one keep one. Or you get two television, you fit sell on keep another. For some country, many people get more than one motor for their garage. Na only one motor you need. You fit sell other car wey you get to fit get enough money to take survive economic crisis.
Think Before You Buy: Most time, we dey focus on the thing we we want, we want buy new cloth, new shoes , new jewelry and many other like that. If you dey live for country we dey face economic crisis, the best thing to do na to buy only the few things we you really need. The three important things wey we need for our life na food, cloth and house wey we fit put our head. All other things na story.
NO Dey Show Yourself: Most of us dey live for area wey people like to dey show sey dem be somebodi. Dem dey like to dey buy new things we cost well well so that their friend, workmate and even family people go know say dem get money. Person we get sense no dey show sey im get money. We no need to dey show our self. The best na to dey live gentle man life. Even if you get money like Dangote, just dey do like say you no get money. This life na jẹ́jẹ́.  
Change Where You Live: If you dey live for area where rich people dey, that one go mean say na big money you go dey pay for house rent. If economic crisis happen, the best thing na to park commot go live for wey house no cost. With that, you go fit dey pay your house rent one time.
Create Time For Your Family:
E no dey easy to dey cope with economic crisis. But when e happen, most people dey spend more time for work. Wetin go dey important for them na to dey find money. Because of that, dem no go get enough time for their family like before. If you lose your job, the best thing na for you to live simple life and make you fit get time for your family. Family na always family.

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