How to Avoid Neck and Back Pain from Backpacks


How to Avoid Neck and Back Pain from Backpacks

There are lots children are facing these days. Think of the long hours at school and home work they have to do. But there is one big load that many kids carry on their shoulder which adults or their parents don’t pay attention to. That is school back bag.

Many experts have claimed that carrying heavy back bag can cause serious back problem for kids. What can you do to prevent your children from such problem? Here are few suggestions.

Make sure your child bag is not heavy for him. You can do this by buying only light weight back bags. You can also see to it that you see what your children are taking to school. By this, they will not carry what is too much for them.

See to it that you child place his or her bag well on his back. This will reduce the effect of back pain for them.

As parent, you can try your best to avoid back pain for your child.


How You Fit Avoid Neck and Back Pain from Backpack

Wetin many children dey face these days no be small at all o. Think of the many hours wey dem dey spend for school. To add on top am self, dem go even come give dem many homework do. But e get one heavy load wey many children dey carry go school wey many people no dey notice. That one na back bag.

Doctor people don talk say heavy back bag dey cause back problem for many pikin. Wetin you fit do mek you pikin dem no get back pain? Dis two tinz go fit help you.

Mek you see say your pikin bag no dey heavy for dem. You fit also buy bag wey no get weight at all for dem and wey no dey too big. Mek you also see wetin your pikin dem dey carry go school. Make sure sey dem no carry too much book for dem bag.

Make sure say your pikin carry dem bag well. Make the rope for their bag dey balance well well.

As parent, you fit help your pikin dem live better life. I beg, no allow your pikin carry heavy bag. This infomate na from

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