5 Ways to Be a Good Mother


Motherhood is no joke, it’s a serious business. It requires lots of hard to be a successful mother.

Many of us look back to remember how our mother took good care of us. She sees to it that we are well taken care of. We lack nothing at all. The fact remains that a good mother is priceless and year after year, numbers of good mothers keep going down.

Today, many mother focus on material things, how they will pamper their kids with so much gifts and money. Many mothers had given their kids all the freedom in the world. Instead of guarding their kids to make right choices in life, all in the name of freedom, children as been let loose like a bird. Here are five ways you can be a good mother.

SPEND GOOD TIME WITH YOUR KID(S): When it comes to spending good time with your kids, this involve give them all your time and attention. Many mothers spend less time with that kids. If you want your kids to do well in life and become responsible individuals, you need to train them from infancy, training requires time, yes, good time. The more time you spend with your kids, the more you get to know them, and the more they will come to trust you and they will be able to tell you anything that affects them.

DON’T WORSHIP YOUR KIDS: Today, many parents have turn their kids to god, they give them all they wants, life is not like that, you need to focus on what your child needs not what he wants, let them see the value of hard work. This will help them to grow up and become useful to themselves and they will never have the wrong believe that this world owe them something.

NEVER NEGLECT YOUR HUSBAND: Never abandon your husband because of your kids. He belongs to you and you belong to him. While trying to care for your kids, also create good time for your husband. You really need to strike a balance.

PROTECT YOUR KIDS: This world is filled with hazards. Almost everywhere is unsafe for them these days. The simple truth is that you can’t be with them all day and see all they do. But you can train them to take care of themselves.

To have true wisdom, they need to know that some adults may want to take advantage of them. Do not let anyone take advantage of your kids sexually. They deserve all the protection you can give them.

BE BALANCE: As you create time for your husband and kids, you need to take good care of yourself too. You need some time alone to meditate and read. This will help you to be strong.

Motherhood can be very rewarding if only you do all your best. Remember, being balance is the key.




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