Six Things Wey Go Give You Respect


All of us whether we dey young or old, whether we get money or we no get, we want make people dey respect us. Our belle dey sweet well well when people treat us well, when dem call our name with respect. Yoruba people talk say person wey dey find money but e come see respect, e better make e take respect because if e get money finish, na to buy respect go remain. The true matter be say, people fit see you and make dem respect you. Wetin you fit do wey people go dey respect you all the time? These informate go fit help you.

  1. Make You No Dey Proud- Nothing good like make person dey humble. Person wey dey humble no dey think say im better pass another person. Person wey dey humble no dey think say im own idea good pass other people own. E no dey try to dey control people up and down. When people see say you get this better quality for your body, dem go fit respect you. People wey dey raise their shoulder no dey get respect from other people. Though people fit give them repect when dem dey with dem, but dem no go talk well about the person when them no dey with the person. No matter how many book you read, how much money you get, even if you fine pass Agbani Darego, dat one no mean say make you dey proud. Humble yourself, people go rep you finish.
  1. No Dey Gossip- People wey get sense no dey talk anyhow. Dem they think before dem dey talk. Dem no dey talk about other people anyhow. Dem dey use their time to talk about God, business, family and other better better things. E also good make you dey always talk better things about other people. For sure, people go dey respect you. Remember say na people wey no get sense dey run there mouth any how. Even if you no get work to do, find better book make you read. E go help you well well.
  1. Talk Na Do- This one mean say, make your yes be yes and make your no be no. Many people dey always promise wetin dem no fit do. Sometime, dem dey do am to show demself. If somebody ask you for help and you no say you no go fit help the person, I beg tell am say you no go fit.
    The person go fit find im help go another place. No dey promise wetin you no go fit do.
  1. Help People- Many people need your help. Some people want make you help them with your money, some people no need your money, na your time dem need. For some people, na your encouragement dem need. E good to dey help people. This life no be about you alone. When you help people, them go dey respect you.
  1. No Dey Talk Too Much- E good make you dey listen wen people dey talk. You be human being, you no be type writer. Pra pra pra pra. Wen people no say you no dey talk too much. Then go they respect you. For example, when you dey for meeting or you dey with your friend dem, make you let other people talk first, as dem they talk, dey listen and make you dey think about wetin you go talk. When he reach your own time make you talk, try make you talk wetin get sense. That one go give you respect.
  1. Stand For Other People- When you see say then dey ride another person. No just stand dey look. Stand up for that person, even if you no know am. E fit be for your work place or for skul, even inside bus. People go respect you.

Copyright: E. M. Adiatu

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