Why E Good To Dey Smile


Why e good to dey smile? Na better question be that. But make I ask you, how many time you don smile today? Maybe you no fit remember. Well, some pipul dey smile many time a day. But for some pipul, na like holiday, na only once a while. But the truth be sey, e good mek we dey smile. Remember sey wen we still be baby, na every time we dey smile. We smile for our mama and papa, we even smile for pipul wey we no sabi. But as we dey grow up, small small, we no dey smile or laugh like when we be baby. But e never too late for you to dey smile and laugh well well. Wetin be the advantage wey dey when we smile and laugh?

  1. When we smile regularly, many pipul go like to mek friend with us. E dey hard to mek friend with person we dey frown face.
  2. Many doctor don show sey pipul wey dey laugh well well dey live long than pipul wey laugh once a while.
  3. All of us like to dey happy every time. When u dey smile and laugh every time, you go dey happy.
  4. When we smile, wey help other pipul. Them go smile too.
  5. Pipul wey dey smile well well dey get better face. If you dey frown your face every time, you go quick look old.

Practice to dey smile. You need to do the following things so that you go they smile and laugh more.

  1. Try to watch funny movies. You fit remember one of the last funny movie wey you watch and how you feel?
  2. Always try to dey with pipul we dey smile and laugh. These pipul go help you be like them.
  3. Try to they practice smiling.

As you read this blog finish, I beg smile.

Copyright: E.M. Adiatu

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