Motherhood is no joke, it’s a serious business. It requires lots of hard to be a successful mother.

Many of us look back to remember how our mother took good care of us. She sees to it that we are well taken care of. We lack nothing at all. The fact remains that a good mother is priceless and year after year, numbers of good mothers keep going down.

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How to Survive Economic Crisis

How to Survive Economic Crisis
Many countries are going through economic recession. With the fall in oil price, many nations are earning less than what they are earning and for sure will affect their expenses. Some countries had already devalued their currency. The simple truth is that it’s not easy to live in a country with economic crisis. 

What you buy yesterday make be double tomorrow due to disvalue currency and inflation. During economic crisis, food will become expensive, many will lost their job. Sometimes, they may be serious unrest in some countries which always come with looting and sometimes, even loss of lives and property.

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Ways to Raise Money to Start Up a Business

Ways to Raise Money to Start Up a Business
Starting up a new business is not a joke. No matter how small your propose business may seem to be, the simple truth is that you will need money. How can you raise enough money to start your own business and at last, be your own boss?

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Say Goodbye To Nail Fungus

                               Goodbye to Nail Fungus
Have you ever heard of the word, Onychomycosis? That may seems like a big grammar to you but trust me, I don’t mean to scare you. Well, Onychomycosis is another name for Nail fungus. Here are two questions: How can you know you have it? How does it start to affect you?

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How to Avoid Neck and Back Pain from Backpacks

How to Avoid Neck and Back Pain from Backpacks

There are lots children are facing these days. Think of the long hours at school and home work they have to do. But there is one big load that many kids carry on their shoulder which adults or their parents don’t pay attention to. That is school back bag.

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Simi- Love Don’t Care

Simi- Love don’t care

In a world where many people think too much of their language and culture, where some parents had forbidden their children from marrying from other tribes, Simi deliver the goods in her song titled Love don’t care. This song really underscore the fact that love don’t care where you comes from. Simi well done for the nice song.

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Water No Get Enemy

Water No Get Enemy

You fit imagine how our life go be if water no dey. How we go fit bath, Wash cloth, even cook food. To talk true, we no go even fit live, na die be that. Among all the thins wey dey for this earth, water dey among the most important thin. Doctor people don talk say e go make we dey drink water well well, In fact, some doctor say make we dey drink up 16 cup every day. Dem talk say, he good make we dey drink water wen we wake up for morning. This na the many fact about water:

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After many year wey you don work, wake up for early morning go work come back home weak, e good mek you retire. For some pipul, na many hour for traffic. If you sit down calculate how may hour some pipul dey spend for third mainland bridge for Lagos because of traffic, you go know say Life no easy.


Nigerian Pidgin Proverbs

1. Person wey dey cry for sun dey cry for heat. Person wey dey cry for rain dey cry for potopoto
2. When small pikin don get money and e no know wetin e go carry im money do, e go go buy toy gun
3. When small pikin wan waste money, e go go buy fairly use bicycle
4. Person wey buy motor buy old model

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Why E Good To Dey Sleep Well

You fit dey think say why e good to dey sleep well? First, wetin be sleep? Sleep na when our eyes dey close, when all our muscle dey relax, when we no dey know wetin dey happen around us. Sleep no be small thing for our life o. If person no sleep well, e no go hard you to know. E go show for the person face. Person wey no sleep well fit dey quick dey vex. But when we sleep well, e go show for our face too.

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How You Fit Protect Yourself From Nail Fungi

Among the part wey dey our body, our nail dey among the one wey we no dey give attention. Most of us dey focus on our face and weight. Many people they care well for organs wey dey inside their body like kidney and their heart. But the truth be say our nail too dey very important, we suppose to care for our nail well. Among the common problem wey people dey get for their leg and nail na wetin dem dey call nail fungi. E dey affect many people. Doctor people dey call am Onychomycosis? How you fit know say you get nail fungi?

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Six Things Wey Go Give You Respect

All of us whether we dey young or old, whether we get money or we no get, we want make people dey respect us. Our belle dey sweet well well when people treat us well, when dem call our name with respect. Yoruba people talk say person wey dey find money but e come see respect, e better make e take respect because if e get money finish, na to buy respect go remain. The true matter be say, people fit see you and make dem respect you. Wetin you fit do wey people go dey respect you all the time? These informate go fit help you.

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Why E Good To Dey Smile

Why e good to dey smile? Na better question be that. But make I ask you, how many time you don smile today? Maybe you no fit remember. Well, some pipul dey smile many time a day. But for some pipul, na like holiday, na only once a while. But the truth be sey, e good mek we dey smile. Remember sey wen we still be baby, na every time we dey smile. We smile for our mama and papa, we even smile for pipul wey we no sabi. But as we dey grow up, small small, we no dey smile or laugh like when we be baby. But e never too late for you to dey smile and laugh well well. Wetin be the advantage wey dey when we smile and laugh?

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Nigerian Pidgin

Among all the country wey dey for the continent of Africa, na Nigeria be the country wey people plenty pass. Na about 180 million people dey live for Nigeria. No be one language all this 180 million people dey speak o and no be one way of life all of them get. Nigerian people get different different language wey we dey speak. Among dis language na Igbo, Yoruba, Efik, Hausa, Gun, Edo, Esan, Isoko and many many other one like that.

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